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June 2013 Archives

Cities hiring private firms to collect upon court judgments

In one particular eastern state, unpaid court fines and fees owed to cities has accumulated to as much as $246 million.  Many municipalities in that state are now turning to collection agencies in hopes of recouping some of that debt.

Collection cases being thrown out because of poor record keeping

Banks trying to go it alone when collecting upon judgments and debts are now finding themselves in trouble with federal regulators. Obviously, with the unprecedented number of individuals defaulting upon loans during the past few years, lending institutions wish to find the means to have deficiency judgments paid back. However, it serves no purpose to pursue delinquent accounts only to find your bank the focus of a federal investigation.

Jury acquits Wells Fargo concerning alleged mortgage practices

Even a bank as large as Wells Fargo can find itself entangled in litigation when it comes to attempts to collect on fees and debts. Six years after being sued in a class action, a jury has acquitted Wells Fargo of wrongdoing.

California refinery acquisition not a violation of antitrust laws

Tesoro Corp has received approval from state and federal officials to purchase a refinery from BP for in excess of $2 billion. There had been some question as to whether such an acquisition would bring oil refiner into conflict with various antitrust provisions, but Federal Trade Commission (FTC) decision makers determined that such a move would be highly beneficial to the California economy.

Software Company positions itself for corporate sale

Often time the only item that gets in the way of a corporation become a major success if a lack of funding.  It's for this reason that corporations place the business up for sale in hopes that buyers can take the business over and invest more money in marketing and innovation.