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Software Company positions itself for corporate sale

Often time the only item that gets in the way of a corporation become a major success if a lack of funding.  It's for this reason that corporations place the business up for sale in hopes that buyers can take the business over and invest more money in marketing and innovation.

Jive Software, located out of California, has found itself making a very good run in recent months and is now worth approximately $1.1 billion.  As it is now attracting prospective buyers such as IBM and Oracle Corp., the share prices at the business have also risen dramatically.

Offers such as this come to companies that have a corporate vision and that are run correctly. Obviously, the price of a company will fall if business practices are not strictly complied with and if the corporation finds itself entangled in a number of lawsuits.

Possibly due to a bit of poor planning, SAP, an extremely large manufacturer of business-management software, decided foregoing the purchasing of Jive because what they label as the amount of overlap between its own products and those produced by Jive. Jive simply may not have done enough to differentiate itself from all of its competitors.

Placing a corporation up for sale involve a number of complex business transactions that will require the guidance of an experienced business and commercial law attorney at every turn to look out for the business interests. Attorneys can oversee the paperwork and the sales of assets, provide consultation, and involve themselves in sales negotiations. Especially when we are speaking about the significant amount of assets involved, officers and directors will wish to get the best price available from any interested buyers.

Source: The Oregonian, "Jive Software shares rise, fueled by takeover talk," May 30, 2013