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August 2013 Archives

Tollway makes list of commercial debtors public

There are many ways to go about collecting a debt, some more effective than others. Here in California, garnishing wages, repossessing property, and conducting audits are all proven solutions, but some scenarios require a unique approach. One out-of-state government agency is employing a new tactic that has uniformly upset its debtors -- but they certainly are taking notice. 

Real estate developer with more than $100 million in debt

Though consumer debts owed to a business are often a minor matter that can easily be written off, the inability to collect upon a commercial debt can lead to a significant reduction of profit for a business. For example, one real estate developer in the building trade now is said to owe more than $100 million in debts to a number of competing creditors.

Health provider looks for outside help regarding debt collections

One small health care provider claims to have lost more than three percent of their revenue due to unpaid bills. The business feels particularly affected because, due to the nature of their business, they cannot and will not turn patients away who may prove to be bad risks.

One state's government efforts to collect from nonprofits

California is not the only state that is dealing with debtors trying to skip out on what they owe. One other state has even taken the measure of setting up its own Office of Debt Recovery in an effort to get back millions of dollars that was paid out.

California law prohibits debtors from hiding assets

Debtors only have so many legal options available to them in attempting to protect assets from being available to creditors should the debtor be behind in their payments.  California law makes it a crime for debtors to conduct themselves in such a matter that would defeat the rights of creditors.  This is particularly true if the conduct would in effect "defraud, hinder or delay" a creditor.