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October 2013 Archives

Fund managers purchase non-performing loans for 300 properties

Two real estate fund managers have purchased non-performing loans containing a balance of close to $200 million. This would include loans on 300 commercial real estate properties.

Real estate investment firm takes on $140 million in financing

One real estate investment firm recently closed on over $140 million of note purchase and financing transactions during the third quarter of 2013. Madison Realty Capital’s strategy is to take on first mortgage loans along with a number of non-performing loans as well.

Worker brings lawsuit against client for tweets about business

Social media has become part of life in various aspects. Most commonly, people use Facebook or Twitter for fun, on their own time. However, now the worlds of business and social media are often combined, and that combination can be for the good and the bad. 

Joint venture formed to focus upon commercial real estate debt

Two investment groups have formed a joint venture concerning originating loans of $5 million to $15 million against a variety of asset types across the United States. Carlyle Group and Canopy Investment Advisors LLC both already have a history of investing in commercial real estate debt.

Size of commercial collection accounts increase

According to findings of the Commercial Collection Agency Association, commercial business-to-business accounts that are going into collection have apparently declined during the 2nd quarter of 2013. However, the average size of the accounts seems to have risen significantly.