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Parent companies actions subject for creditors concerns

It is reported that a grocery chain named Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market has declared bankruptcy. The venture had apparently been financed by a parent company named Tesco in the amount of $3 billion. On the other hand, Tesco has also removed $214 million from Fresh & Easy in what some may consider insider payments regarding what was owed. This amount would be the equivalent of 19 percent of Fresh & Easy's net revenues for the year ending on February of 2013. Absent other bids, Tesco may now be able to finance a sale of this business to another company in an effort to keep the venture running.

Worker brings lawsuit against client for tweets about business

Social media has become part of life in various aspects. Most commonly, people use Facebook or Twitter for fun, on their own time. However, now the worlds of business and social media are often combined, and that combination can be for the good and the bad. 

Health provider looks for outside help regarding debt collections

One small health care provider claims to have lost more than three percent of their revenue due to unpaid bills. The business feels particularly affected because, due to the nature of their business, they cannot and will not turn patients away who may prove to be bad risks.

The challenges of Chapter 9 filings for creditors

There has been a great deal of coverage in the media concerning the city of Detroit’s filing for Chapter 9 bankruptcy. Whether this filing will still go forward is yet to be determined. However, one federal judge has already ordered that state’s governor to withdraw the filing because of pensioner concerns.

Cities hiring private firms to collect upon court judgments

In one particular eastern state, unpaid court fines and fees owed to cities has accumulated to as much as $246 million.  Many municipalities in that state are now turning to collection agencies in hopes of recouping some of that debt.