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Commercial Collections: Winning Tactics for Debt Recovery

The process of commercial collections is part of business. While it would be nice if all businesses paid their outstanding balances on time, it's unlikely and, at some point, you will need to get involved in the collections process.

Before Sending an Account to Commercial Collections, Do These 4 Things

Past due accounts happen to every business. Commercial collections are no easier than consumer collections. When done incorrectly, it can ruin business relationships, damage the online reputation of your business, or cause your business to be the subject of a lawsuit. Before you send a business account to commercial collections, do these 4 things first.

Tools of the Trade

How to Levy on a Domain Name

Return on Your Investment

With the right collection attorney (i.e., a collection attorney that can actually collect), a money judgment can accumulate a sizable 'return on one's investment'. As of January 1, 1983, the rate of interest on a money judgment is 10% per annum. California Code of Civil Procedure §685.010(a). Perhaps surprisingly, that rate of return is generally better than one offered by a bank.

Is Any Property Outside a Creditor's Reach?

If a debtor voluntarily paid his/her judgment, there would be no need for a collection attorney. Since the failure to pay a creditor back happens more often than not, should a creditor want to enforce a judgment, he needs a competent collection attorney. One of the best tests of competency is how a collection attorney responds to a debtor's claim of exemption. A judgment debtor utilizes a claim of exemption to protect his property from a judgment creditor.

Alter Ego... What Is It?

Chances are you have heard the term 'alter ego'. In legal terms, finding alter ego gives the court cause to pierce the corporate veil and hold individual shareholders personally liable for debts of the corporation. For a creditor with an outstanding judgment, alter ego is where the court finds that a corporation lacks a separate identity from an individual or corporate shareholder, resulting in injustice to the corporation's creditors. Finding alter ego gives the court cause to pierce the corporate veil and hold individual shareholders personally liable for debts of the corporation.

The Importance of Judgment Debtor Exam

An experienced commercial collections attorney is always interested in watching the interplay between state court creditor remedies and how they are interpreted in federal proceedings. A recent 9th Circuit Bankruptcy Appellate Panel (BAP) ruling has reminded those of us in the industry once again of just how important it is to have a judgment debtor examination issued and personally served on the debtor even if you are unable to ultimately conduct the examination. A judgment debtor examination means that once there is a judgment, the creditor can ask that the debtor appear in court to answer questions under oath to answer questions about his or her assets or property such as paychecks and other sources of income, bank accounts, stocks and other investments, and personal and real property. This procedure may also be used to question a third party who may be in possession of the judgment debtor's assets, or owe debts to the judgment debtor.

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