Photo of Professionals at The Law Offices of Ronald P. Slates, P.C.
Photo of Professionals at The Law Offices of Ronald P. Slates, P.C.

Aggressive, Efficient,
Cost Effective, Responsive.

Lawyers specializing in commercial collections and enforcement of judgments. 

We provide lawful asset protection for businesses and individuals.

Tenacious Debt Collection Professionals

From our offices in Los Angeles, we help large and small businesses, professionals and referring attorneys with commercial debt collection matters in the areas of:

  • Collecting secured and unsecured debts
  • Enforcing judgments
  • Protecting rights of creditors
  • Handling business-to-business pre- and post-judgment collections
  • Writs of attachment
  • Accounts receivable collections in all 50 states
  • Lawful asset protection

Our Areas Of Focus

Accepting Attorney Referrals And Enforcing Judgments For Your Clients

Have you won cases for your clients just to have them turn and ask, “Where’s the money?” Real estate litigation attorneys and business litigation attorneys routinely look to The Law Offices of Ronald P. Slates, P.C., to complete the collections cycle.

You fought the fight in court: Let us make you look good in the eyes of your clients by enforcing the judgment. Refer your clients to our law firm with a 100% guaranteed reassurance that we will not interfere with your attorney-client relationship. Your clients always remain your clients.

Our law firm is an official MCLE provider in California.

Commercial Debt Collection Attorneys In Southern California

“If We Cannot Collect Your Business Or Commercial Debt Or Enforce Your Judgment, Nobody Can!”

Businesses have trusted in the commercial collection services of The Law Offices of Ronald P. Slates, P.C., for more than 40 years. Through our firm’s experience, commitment and diligence, we will help you achieve your business objectives in a financially prudent manner.

Can We Help You And Your Business?

At The Law Offices of Ronald P. Slates, P.C., we recognize that your business must proceed, regardless of legal issues that arise. We resolve legal concerns efficiently and effectively so your business can move forward with minimal interruption. And we timely respond to your emails and voicemails – unlike many of our competitors.

Our clients include heads of credit departments of major corporations, litigation attorneys, lenders, bankers, accountants, parties to real estate transactions and other professionals who want to focus on running their lives and businesses – not on collection or enforcement of judgment problems.

Our clients rely on us to provide them with exceptional legal advice and aggressive, responsive and cost-effective representation. That’s why they trust us with collection of their commercial debts and enforcement of judgments.

Rated By Super Lawyers | Ronald Slates | 10 Years
Expertise | Best Real Estate Lawyers in Los Angeles | 2020
Rated By Super Lawyers | Rising Stars | Kevin Hoang |
Martindale-Hubbell | AV Preeminent | Peer Rated for Highest Level of Professional Excellence


Why Choose Us?

With more than 40 years of experience, you and your clients can count on us to provide:

  • Exceptional legal advice
  • Effective and aggressive representation
  • Cost-effective services
  • Total client satisfaction

Meet Our Team

Photo of Ronald P. Slates

Ronald P. Slates

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Linda L. Vejar-Slates

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Gerald L. Zack

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Kevin A. Hoang

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Johnny Kim

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Sandy Cannavan

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Shelley M. Gould

Commercial Debt Collection Attorneys In Southern California

In today’s ever-changing global and international business world, communication is critical. Diversity is a necessity, not a luxury. At The Law Offices of Ronald P. Slates, P.C., we are capable of communicating with clients in California and outside the United States, including those who speak English, Spanish, Korean, German and French.