Enforcing Judgments – Assisting With Your Financial Recovery

After you have secured a judgment in your favor, the debtor is not necessarily going to pay immediately. If you have a judgment and the debtor is not paying, you need an aggressive, knowledgeable attorney to help you enforce your rights and protect your interests nationwide.

At The Law Offices of Ronald P. Slates, P.C., we have earned a reputation as aggressive attorneys who will work 24/7 to protect our clients’ interests. With more than 40 years of experience, we will fight to enforce your post-judgment rights and remedies effectively and at competitive fees.

We know how to collect commercial debts and enforce California and out-of-state judgments. Contact our Los Angeles judgment recovery lawyers to discuss your situation.

Our firm is an official MCLE provider.

Focused On Enforcement Of Judgments For Clients Nationwide

At our firm, we focus our practice on the collection of commercial debts. We represent businesspeople, factors, asset-based lenders, bankers, real estate professionals, lawyers and accountants when they need help enforcing a judgment and recovering their debts.

We offer representation and advice on all of your post-judgment rights and remedies, including:

  • Writs of execution and wage garnishment
  • Wage levies on personal property such as bank accounts
  • Accounts payable levies (levying monies due to the debtor so that you collect the money instead)
  • Seizures and sales of real estate
  • Receiverships
  • Recording liens on real property and personal property

Aggressive, Cost-Effective And Efficient Legal Service

At The Law Offices of Ronald P. Slates, P.C., we will handle your commercial collections, while you concentrate on moving your business forward. We will work quickly and efficiently to secure your money and assets after a judgment has been rendered in your favor. Our legal team, headed by Ron Slates, has extensive experience aggressively protecting the interests of our commercial and business clients. We will work to achieve your objectives in an efficient manner, so you can meet your bottom-line needs and expectations.

Contact An Experienced California Commercial Collection Lawyer

For effective commercial collection services and judgment enforcement, contact the California commercial collection attorneys at our firm by calling 213-599-7004 or 866-904-6965 toll-free. You may also send us an email.