Using Prejudgment Writs Of Attachment To Protect Creditors

A court judgment is worthless if there are insufficient funds or property to satisfy the judgment. Debtors frequently attempt to escape judgments by fraudulently transferring assets prior to court orders with respect to the property. At The Law Offices of Ronald P. Slates, P.C., we move quickly to obtain court orders that prevent such deceptive conduct. We focus on protecting your financial interests 24/7.

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Vigorously Pursuing Prejudgment Relief

Ron Slates and his team of professionals move for prejudgment writs of attachment to protect the value of potential judgments. A prejudgment writ of attachment can help prevent debtors from concealing assets from the court or transferring assets prior to obtaining a judgment.

We can promptly file applications for prejudgment right to attach orders and writs of attachment together with the initial filing of the debt collection action. This enables creditors to create a judicial lien on certain property of the debtor prior to the final judgment. Also, it allows us to place sheriff’s keepers on the debtor’s business premises and invoke other remedies to collect our client’s monies. In addition, we thoroughly investigate for other hidden assets, which the debtor may have already attempted to conceal, often fraudulently.

We Understand How Crucial Prejudgment Relief Is

With over 40 years of experience, our firm understands the importance of applying for and obtaining prejudgment writs of attachment. California’s creditors’ rights laws allow this preemptive strike when properly drafted by us. Early aggressive collection action makes a difference!

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