Providing Legal Services To Commercial Landlords

Commercial landlords with outstanding debts from tenants in retail, office or industrial properties have a valuable resource in The Law Offices of Ronald P. Slates, P.C. With years of experience and a long track record of favorable results, our law firm is prepared to perform the commercial collections on accounts receivable that your leasing enterprise has outstanding.

Commercial Landlord-Tenant Litigation And Collections

To get the job done in real estate collection matters arising from commercial landlord-tenant law contexts, The Law Offices of Ronald P. Slates, P.C., in Los Angeles employs a variety of effective tools and techniques. Through the use of innovative technology, we uncover hidden assets. If there are overseas bank accounts, fraudulent conveyances or undocumented assets, we will find them and collect on your behalf. Through tried-and-tested legal maneuvers, we deliver results for clients who have been defrauded.

Did a commercial tenant leave a property dramatically damaged? Did a commercial tenant fail to honor terms of a lease, with subsequent serious losses to the landlord/creditor? Allow our attorneys to explain how we can facilitate prompt, effective collections in such cases.

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Serving Southern California communities including Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, commercial landlord-tenant collections lawyers at The Law Offices of Ronald P. Slates, P.C., are prepared to advise you.

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